learn how to market your photography business to convert more followers into paying clients and a booked calendar.

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the marketing academy built for                who have no clue how to market their business.

▸ Are you struggling to come up with content to post on your social media?

▸ Do you use the word ‘inconsistent’ to frequently describe your marketing strategy?

▸ Are you confused on how to put yourself out there and really talk about your business?

▸ Does the idea of marketing send you into a state of panic because you just don’t know where to start?


It teaches you how to create content and execute a marketing strategy so you can avoid wasting your time and putting out content that falls flat, which means you get to focus on things that matter while your content works for you.

✔ Monthly membership
✔ Private Student Community
✔ Accountability + Feedback

The creators of the BMC Marketing Academy are Brooke Jefferson (Photographer + Business Coach) and Courtney Albertson (Social Media Strategist + Business Coach) who have over a decade of combined marketing experience.

Here is what you will get inside of the BMC Marketing Academy:

A content + Marketing strategy that attracts more bookings!

End Result:


Each month you will get access to attend a marketing training hosted by Brooke and a Content Planning Coworking Session hosted by Courtney.

Monthly TRainings


Each month, you'll receive a content calendar with prompts outlining a minimum of 20 post, reel, and story ideas.

Monthly Content Calendar + prompts

Join the academy


You will receive access to a student portal where all of your resources will be housed for your convenience. You can access this portal on both a computer and an app on your phone.

student portal


You will receive access to a members-only Facebook community where we will host the trainings, offer feedback on your content, and allow you to communicate with other photographers.

Members-only facebook group

Join the academy

Join the academy

monthly payments

▸ BMC Marketing Academy
Monthly Content + Strategy

▸ Private Facebook Community
For the extra accountability

▸ Student Portal
Access to your monthly content and resources

▸ $20 a month
(renews same day of each month)

Pay for a year

▸ BMC Marketing Academy
Monthly Content + Strategy

▸ Private Facebook Community
For the extra accountability

▸ Student Portal
Access to your monthly content and resources

▸  ONE MONTH FREE! You’ll save money which results in getting ONE month free!

join the book more clients marketing academy with these payment options:

Best Value

One payment of $220

$20 per month


The BMC Marketing Academy is for you if...

You are a photographer struggling with marketing your business on social media 

You are willing to follow the strategies and methods that are taught and use the content provided

You want to build a business around your life and not a life around your business.

This is NOT for you if you are looking for someone to take over your social media marketing for you. This is a DIY membership.


Have We Met Yet?

I’m Brooke, a lifestyle photographer, business coach, and podcaster.

I can tell that you’re ready to turn your dream of running a full-time photography business into a reality. How can I tell? Because not too long ago, I was exactly where you are, friend.

After struggling to scale my photography business for 4 years while working a full-time teaching job, I FINALLY uncovered the strategies to reach massive profitability and success while living a life I’m absolutely obsessed with.

I was able to hit a high end five figure salary and leave my full-time job. Now, I teach other photographers to do the very same thing, in a fraction of the time it took me! 

I’m a Jesus-loving wife and mama to two littles. We live in Southern Oklahoma where you can typically find me sippin’ a White Claw, hanging out with my family, or binge-watching the latest Yellowstone season.

My mission is to help you build a profitable and purposeful photography business that affords you the freedom to live a life you love. Through systems, marketing strategies, and relationship-building, together we’ll create and grow the business of your freakin’ dreams.

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