If you've landed on this page, you have a passion for photography. You've mastered manual mode, fine tuned your editing, and have had a few clients under your belt.

But you're ready for more!

You're ready to build a profitable and sustainable business that contributes to your family household, that has you waking up with gratitude each day, and positions you as a highly sought out photographer in your community.

You are looking to achieve your dream of a fulfilling life and photography business.


You're unclear: You want to grow your photography business and book more clients, but you don't have clarity on how to make it happen. Your indecision leaves you with doubt and a lot of "start and stop" marketing efforts.

Does any of this resonate with you?

You're broke: You are not hitting the profit goals or booking goals you have for yourself. 

You feel disappointed at times: You have worked so hard to build your business to where it is, but you are not seeing the results you desire. You feel underpaid and doubtful.

You're doing all the things: You are doing all the things you've heard others say to do, but it's not working. You are spending all of your time marketing and strategy hopping just hoping something will work.

You're tired of slow growth: You're seeing bookings here and there, but nothing consistent. You are ready for a massive breakthrough!

If you answered yes to any of the above... you are in the right spot. 




""After implementing the information she laid out for me, I booked my highest priced session within 24 hours! I have seen my business grow leaps and bounds and I haven't even finished the whole course!"

Courtney G.

Lynn + Layne Photography

"Before investing in the Blueprint, I had no systems in place and ran myself ragged on the steps to make myself look like a legit business owner. I wasn’t charging for profit and was overworking myself while getting underpaid. I'm now making over $500 per session."

Anna K.

Anna Knapp Photography

"I’m now making over $3,000 per month as a  photographer. I feel 1000% more confident in my business and my pricing. My income has doubled and I am looking at taking photography full time. That would have never been possible without the Blueprint!"

Shelbie E.

Shelbie Everett Photography

"Brooke’s course has been the best thing I have invested in for my business. The Blueprint not only gave me the knowledge to run my business more professionally, but gave me the courage to expand my business to go full time and be able to stay home with my new baby."

Mallory J

Mallory Hall Photography

"This has been one of the best investment for my business. I was afraid at first, because in the past I have paid for programs that promised to take my business to the next level and I have always been disappointed. But with this program, everything I have learned has put me one step closer to my goals!"

Diana F.

Diana Cecilia Photography

"Through this program, I’ve learned to value myself and charge in a way that allows my business to be profitable and sustainable. I’ve raised my prices and streamlined my offerings and more people are booking my largest package! By this time next year, I’ll be able to leave my full-time job."

Dana T.

Dana tilton photography

A 6 Month Coaching Program For Photographers Who Want To Build a Full Time Income Without The Hustle Even If You’re In a Saturated Market

The From Broke to Booked Blueprint


I’m sharing exactly how I was able to leave the classroom + build my business
to full-time with young kids at home so you can do it too!


You have more inquiries and bookings than ever before by implementing tried and true strategy 

You have accountability: You have access to brooke + other experts who can help you when your stuck and personalize strategy for your business

You are making profit: You are making the profit you have dreamed about; no more discounting or changing your prices

You are working with dream clients who value you and are excited to work with you

You are working less because you have systems + processes in place. Your business no longer requires weekends or all nighters.

Here's what's possible for you when you become a part of the
From Broke to Booked Blueprint...

You have a clear path: You have a clear understanding of how to book more consistently & run a sustainable business

Hey friend,

My photography career kicked off in 2014 with a borrowed camera and a 6 month old. In 2018, I left the classroom to pursue photography as a career. In 2019, I started a podcast to help other photographers grow their businesses and have been coaching ever since. God has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams and I want the same for you!

I'm Brooke
Your next mentor

Here is what you will learn inside of the profitable photography business Blueprint:

A profitable photography business with consistent clients + a life you love!

End Result:


Leads, clients, + client experience


vision, goals, + niching

i'm all in! let's go!


systems, workflows, automation, + outsourcing


Upsells + advanced marketing


Becoming next level

"If you’re considering joining, DO IT! It will absolutely change your business.”

"My business now pays the bills in our home, and then some!”



The first phase of the program is business building. You will walk away with clarity of your business vision + strategy, a profitable niche, profitable pricing, and packages that convert.

The second phase of the program is booking clients. You will have a streamlined booking process, leads strategies, booking strategies, and an excellent client experience that results in more referrals.

The third phase of the program is balance. It's crucial to be able to work smarter, not harder. You will automate parts of your business, create systems and workflows, and outsource if necessary.

The fourth phase of the program is all about doubling down on your profit! You will learn upsell strategies, client retention ideas, and advanced marketing strategies. This is where you will 3x, 4x, and 5x your current revenue.

One of the most impactful transformations that occurs in this program is you becoming the next level version of yourself. You will overcome your limitations, gain confidence, and evolve into the best version of yourself.

Mentorship (Live Coaching + Weekly Strategy Calls): Brooke hosts weekly group coaching calls where you can get personalized coaching and answers to your questions. 

Tools for speed and accuracy: Get access to templates, workflows, etc. that are developed personally by Brooke and the team that you can customize and implement immediately into your business.

Clear Milestones: We've created specific runways and plans for you to follow for your stage of business so that you are never confused or overwhelmed

Accountability & Community: We have one of the best photographer student communities out there with daily posts and feedback. You will meet a business bestie and always have an answer to your questions!

Want high level support + coaching? 

We've got you!

This other bonus!

or what about

You also get 30 days of direct access to Brooke anytime you feel stuck or just want to share a win!

Look at this bonus!

but wait

When you join the program you will get a 1:1 onboarding Zoom call with Brooke. You are not just a number here, but a name that we respect.

6 payments

best value!


all bonuses mentioned

all bonuses mentioned


weekly student group coaching

private student community

1:1 strategy call with brooke

1:1 strategy call with brooke



Pay in full




weekly student group coaching

private student community

6 months access to program

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