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Trying to build a business, support yourself and your family, all while struggling to find the confidence in yourself and your work?

BEEN THERE. Done That.
BUT YOU DON’T HAVE to stay stuck.

Trust me, you're not alone, sister. You're in the right place. Let's put some purpose in your business and some profit in your bank account.


After scaling my business to multiple five figures, I decided to make it my mission to help 10,000 photographers do the very same thing. Through my coaching, podcast, programs, and resources, I break down the systems and tools you need to thrive in your industry.

There’s a whooole lotta noise in this space, and it’s hard to know where to focus. But that’s where I come in—to show you exactly where to direct your time, energy, and resources.

Because here’s the deal, friend: building a business takes hard work, but it doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming and impossible.

I went from a broke teacher to consistently booked,
full-time photographer. 

With 7+ years of experience under my belt, I’ve coached over 100 photographers who have grown their businesses by leaps and bounds. I truly believe there are more than enough clients to go around, you just need to know how to reach them and how to keep them coming back again and again.

Together, we’ll transform your business into YOUR definition of success.

You want to make this photography business bring in full-time income.

You're feeling down, defeated, and doubting your potential before you even get fully started..

You're confused on how to price your services and make the income you desire.

You're stuck feeling like you’ll never be ready for the next level in your biz, because you can barely keep up now..

Overwhelmed is an adjective you use frequently to describe your business and well-being.

You are struggling to book clients consistently and can't seem to figure out why.


Change is Possible

guess what?


 I was afraid at first, because in the past I have paid for programs that promised to take my business to the next level and I have always been disappointed. But with this program, everything I have learned has put me one step closer to my goals!!

This has been one of the best investments for my business!


I'm still very new to the program, but I love all the content, the attention to detail, and how active you are in the group. Everything is laid out for me in an understandable way. I love that audits and Q&A's are a regular thing. I wasn't sure if it was worth the money, but the blueprint program has been nothing but helpful so far.

There is no fluff in this program! It gets straight to the point!


Not only are the courses pure gold with amazing content but the exclusive group on Facebook you get access to have helped extend my learning even more. This exclusive student group is amazing!

I am about half way through and this program has already changed everything for me!


I’ve continuously hit my monthly goals since really putting into practice the things I’ve learned in this program.


how to reach your highest potential in both life and business

how to manage running a business while wearing multiple hats and enjoying life

how to get more profit in your pocket by crafting packages your clients actually want

how to set up systems and processes that allow you to work less and make more

how to find more confidence in yourself and your work as a creative entrepreneur

how to build a profitable, sustainable, and fulfilling photography business


The From Broke To Booked Blueprint Program Was Created For The Lifestyle Photographer Looking To Scale Their Business To $2-7k+ Months! When you join you get access to a self-paced course and an exclusive Facebook community with monthly coaching and trainings.

What's included

The Course

A happy client becomes a loyal and raving client. Learn how to design a client experience that helps you stand out from the saturated market and become a go-to photographer in your area.

Client Experience

It is crucial that you understand how to run your business legally, file your taxes, and pay yourself. There is also a formula to pricing yourself that takes into consideration your desired lifestyle, location, experience, and additional factors.

Legalities + Pricing

Your business is more than just a collection of pretty images. Your business has a unique look, feel, sound, and purpose and all of that put together is called a brand. It's a way to communicate with your target market.

Branding + Messaging

you'll learn

You get it all right here

What You'll Learn

On top of everything else, you also get access to a variety of templates, done for you copy, a BTS video of me at a real life shoot, and my full social media course for photographers which covers both Facebook and Instagram platforms.


We all have the same 24 hours in a day, but are you using them to your benefit? Learn what to automate, delegate, eliminate, and assign to yourself using a strategic time management strategy. Work smarter, not harder!

Workflow + Automations

There are a variety of ways to market your business organically including online and offline and in your local community. We cover social media, websites, Google My Business, and offline strategies.



We have created clear pricing structures, streamlined what I offer, identified and committed to the types of photography I love, and I am on track to do $2,000 in sales this month.  I even signed a lease on MY OWN STUDIO!

I'm on track to make $2000 this month!

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The Blueprint really did change my photography game. It has encouraged me to stand my ground in not changing my prices. I know my worth and what I can offer my clients. I am so grateful to have invested in myself and my craft!

I recognized my worth instantly and haven’t veered from that perspective.

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Brooke's coaching was the absolute best investment I could have made for my photography business. She is AMAZING & a must need for any photographer wanting to grow and make real profit!

I made over $3000 in just two weeks!

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After struggling to scale my photography business for 4 years while working a full-time job, I FINALLY uncovered the strategies to reach massive profitability and success while living a life I’m absolutely obsessed with.

I’m a Jesus-loving wife and mama to two littles. We live in Southern Oklahoma where you can typically find me sippin’ whiskey and Coke, listening to podcasts, or binge-watching the latest Netflix series (I’m looking at you, ‘Ginny & Georgia’).

My mission is to help you build a profitable and purposeful photography business that affords you the freedom to live a life you love. Through systems, marketing strategies, and relationship-building, together we’ll create and grow the business of your freakin’ dreams.

I'm brooke! A lifestyle family photographer, podcaster, + your new bff

Your Cheerleader + Business Coach

Let's do the dang thing!

The Lessons


-The Key to Growing Your Business
-Crafting a Client Experience
-Building a Brand with Molly B. Creative
-Brand Pillars + Being Authentically You 

These are the lessons included:

Messaging + Branding

module one


-Pricing for Profit
-Pricing Audits + Investment Guide Reviews
-BONUS: IPS Sales with Destiny Tillery

These are the lessons included:


module two


-Getting Legal in Your Business with Andrea Sager
-Profit, Bookkeeping, + Taxes with Katie Ferro
-Ask my Bookkeeper Anything with Madison Dearly

These are the lessons included:

Taxes, Legal, + Bookkeeping

module three


-Convert More Leads into Clients + Follow Up Strategy
-Streamlining Your Business with Processes, Systems, + Workflows

These are the lessons included:

Systems + Workflows

module four


-Website Must-Haves for Photographers with Created by Laney
-Getting Visible Online as a Photographer with Karima Creative
-SEO Ranking Secrets + Google My Business with Danielle Gagnon

These are the lessons included:

Your Website

module five


-The Purpose of Social Media in Your Business
-Choosing Your Social Media Platform
-Facebook Marketing
-Facebook Groups Deep Dive
-Instagram Marketing 
-Social Media Analysis

These are the lessons included:

Social Media Marketing

module six


-Email Marketing
-Implementing Email Marketing

These are the lessons included:

Email Marketing

module seven


-Local Marketing

These are the lessons included:

Local Marketing

module eight


-Make More, Work Less
-Client Retention, Referral Programs, + Client Gifts

These are the lessons included:

Scale Your Business

module nine


-Behind The Scenes: Real Life Session
-The Focused Instagram Growth Workshop
-How to Get Your Next 50+ Leads
-Lead Tracker Spreadsheet
-30 Content Prompts for Social Media
-Social Media Templates + Analytics Workbook

These are the bonuses included:


module ten


-An amazing community of photographers to cheer you on
-Monthly Live Q&As with Brooke
-Monthly Pricing Audits with Brooke
-Additional Trainings from Brooke + Guest Experts

What to expect in the facebook group:

Facebook Group

Student Community

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Due to the digital nature of this program and the incredible work that has gone into this program, we do not offer refunds for any reason. Please feel free to reach out to me directly if you have ANY questions.

Sorry, no refunds!

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"After completing the "Convert More Leads into Clients" session yesterday, I followed up with all my outstanding leads. I booked 2 sessions and have 2 more that are just trying to get their extended family members to settle on a date!"

I booked 2 sessions yesterday!

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"I booked my highest package and the session went great!! They even tipped me."

I booked my highest session and got tipped!

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No. 1

You can receive feedback and have questions answered on our multiple-times-monthly Q&A calls inside the members-only Facebook community! Brooke also responds to threads and questions a couple times a week.

No. 2

Not at all! Even if you don't have any plans to leave your full-time career, this program is still for you. The concepts and business strategy applied here are for any profitable business regardless if it is part-time or full-time.

No. 3

When you join the From Broke to Booked Blueprint by paying in full or selecting our flexible payment plan, you’ll gain immediate access to all pre-recorded video lessons, the Selling on Social bonus course, and bonus PDFs and files. You will also be sent a link to join our student only Facebook group.

No. 4

You’re certainly not required to show up live to coaching calls or training sessions. However, in order to get the most out of the program, I highly recommend you submit questions ahead of time and watch the video replays! 

No. 5

This program has delivered exceptional results for countless photographers. I’ve seen it totally transform businesses and lives! If you show up dedicated to putting the strategies, tools, and resources to work, you will see incredible results. Due to the digital nature of this program, refunds are not available for any reason.

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