Create a photography business that has you booking dream clients on repeat.

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A photographer's blueprint to scaling a profitable five figure plus business

▸ You were able to book clients on repeat without all the guesswork of the "how"

▸ Your photography business felt fun and easy, not like a chore of constant overwhelm

▸ You had an established online brand + were the go-to photographer in your area

You were no longer being price shopped + only attracted quality clients that you love working with 

▸ You understood social media marketing as a photographer and now use it to grow your business, bookings, + profits

▸ You no longer had a scarcity mindset when it comes to building your business because you were able to work through your limiting beliefs 

Imagine for a second...


Have We Met Yet?

I’m Brooke, a lifestyle photographer, business coach, and podcaster.

I can tell that you’re ready to turn your dream of running a full-time photography business into a reality. How can I tell? Because not too long ago, I was exactly where you are, friend.

After struggling to scale my photography business for 4 years while working a full-time teaching job, I FINALLY uncovered the PROVEN strategies to reach massive profitability and success while living a life I’m absolutely obsessed with.

I was able to hit a high end five figure salary and leave my full-time job. Now, I teach other photographers to do the very same thing, in a fraction of the time it took me! 

I’m a Jesus-loving wife and mama to two littles. We live in Southern Oklahoma where you can typically find me sippin’ a White Claw, hanging out with my family, or binge-watching the latest Yellowstone season.

My mission is to help you build a profitable and purposeful photography business that affords you the freedom to live a life you love. Through systems, marketing strategies, and relationship-building, together we’ll create and grow the business of your freakin’ dreams.

I could not be more excited to walk alongside you as you thrive inside this life-changing program.

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“Before joining Brooke's Blueprint, I just couldn't figure out how to get to the next step of booking clients. I had invested so much money and time into learning how to use my camera and I felt confident that my work was good, I just needed a little extra boost in the business side of things. Since joining her course, I’ve created a new website to actually speak to my ideal client, implemented a client process to really serve and love on my clients, and raised my prices! I would tell every photographer who struggles booking clients to join Brooke's course!

Keli V.

“My business before the Blueprint program was a HOT MESS!! I had no real plan for my business or goals for my business. Brooke has helped me completely transform the way I do business. I am now getting more inquiries than before and I have systems and processes which help me stay organized and not get overwhelmed. Brooke truly wants you to succeed in this industry. You don’t just join her program and never hear from her again - she shows up full force and pours her heart and soul into this program!

Kashia C.

“I’m now making over $3,000 per month as a family and couples photographer. I feel 1000% more confident in my business and my pricing. From Broke to Booked helped me identify what was holding my business back and gave me all the tools and knowledge to propel my business forward. My income has doubled and I am looking at taking photography full time. That would have never been possible without From Broke to Booked!”

Shelbie E.

“Since joining the program, I have more than doubled my rates and wow… I could cry. I never thought I’d get here. If you’re thinking of joining the Blueprint program, do it. It’s worth everything to grow and sustain your business.”

Jenny K

"Brooke’s course has been the best thing I have invested in for my business. The Blueprint not only gave me the knowledge to run my business more professionally, but gave me the courage to expand my business to go full time and be able to stay home with my new baby."

Mallory J

you will...

✔ Nail your niche + become a go-to photographer in your area with your brand. No more being price shopped against the competition.

Increase your prices + learn how to incorporate upselling in your current business model

✔ Craft a Client Experience that will create raving + loyal clients which will have your phone ringing off the hook with repeat bookings

✔ Organize the backend of your business using workflows, systems, + processes

✔ Implement a marketing strategy that is unique to your business 

✔ Scale what is working through referral programs + retention strategies

by following my blueprint,



I put my 8+ years of experience building my own photography business and helping hundreds of  photographers build theirs into this program so you can do the same.

Here is what you will learn inside of the From Broke to Booked Blueprint

A profitable, purposeful five figure+ photography business that you love 

End Result:

Phase 2

How to build a brand to consistently book clients

Phase 1

Business Foundations

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Phase 3


Phase 4


Phase 5


Phase 6


Phase 7

how to
 Scale your photography business

"If you’re considering joining, DO IT! It will absolutely change your business.”

"My business now pays the bills in our home, and then some!”



and why so many photographers are seeing success inside of it…


The private student Facebook group is the secret sauce of so many successes, because it is full of like-minded photographers cheering and helping each other on their journeys.
I show up there multiple times a week to help you, coach you, and cheer you on. We share our weekly wins, struggles/challenges, and questions. It’s the community that makes the biggest impact and provides you accountability so you don’t just join this program and do nothing with it.

 I host Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls on different topics such as pricing, niche, client experience, workflows, marketing, branding, + other business topics.

While I know the curriculum alone is enough to change your business all by itself,  you also get access to 2 key components of success.


✔ You want to make real income with your passion behind the camera

✔ You want to get "unstuck" in all the frustration of the how

✔ You want to book consistent clients you love working with 

✔ You want to fully understand how social media works for growing your business as a photographer

Let’s put some purpose in your business and some profit in your bank account.

The Blueprint is for you if...

I’m in!

If you’re thinking of joining, do itThe Blueprint was without a doubt worth EVERY single penny and then some

“This has been one of the best investments for my business. I was afraid at first, because in the past I have been disappointed by programs that promised to take my business to the next level and didn’t. But with this program, everything I have learned has put me one step closer to my goals! ”

Diana F.


“Through this program, I’ve learned to value myself and charge in a way that allows my business to be profitable and sustainable. I’ve raised my prices and streamlined my offerings and more people are booking my largest package! By this time next year, I’ll be able to leave my full-time job. I feel less overwhelmed, even in the midst of busy season. If you’re thinking of joining the program, DO IT! You needed this course, like, yesterday."

Dana T.

My business was all over the place before i started! I was always getting ghosted...

“My business was all over the place before I started! Brooke has helped me focus on one task at a time and not feel so overwhelmed! I’m finally getting people to book me at my highest package without question. The program paid for itself in less than 2 months!"

Lindsey D.

Brooke helped take my photography business from broken and disorganized to organized, focused, and booked out over six months in advance.

“Before investing in the From Broke to Booked Blueprint, I didn’t have systems in place to successfully build a photography business. My client experience was very basic, I did not know how to run a legal business, and I felt extremely disorganized. In exactly one year, I went from making a few hundred dollars a month to having enough saved up just from photography to quit my teaching job and begin my career as a full-time photographer!"

Mikki S.

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husband testimonials 

"My initial thought was “There is no way this can be worth the money. There isn’t some secret formula to this stuff.” And in all honesty there isn’t a secret formula. There is some good stuff in this program and it has helped my wife see and put into action the necessary steps to grow her business,The REAL “secret” in this program is the encouragement and accountability and even the push to be better I have seen given to my wife through a newly formed relationship. Thanks to the ladies who have connected with my wife."

Shelly's Husband

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frequently asked question 


You can receive feedback and have questions answered on our multiple-times-monthly Q&A calls inside the members-only Facebook community! Brooke also responds to threads and questions a couple times a week.

What access will I have to Brooke? -

Do I have to be a full time photographer to join this program? +

What if this program doesn’t work for me? +

Do I have to show up at certain times to complete this program? +

Not at all! Even if you don't have any plans to leave your full-time career, this program is still for you. The concepts and business strategy applied here are for any profitable business regardless if it is part-time or full-time.

What if this program doesn’t work for me? +

What access will I have to Brooke? +

Do I have to be a full time photographer to join this program? -

Do I have to show up at certain times to complete this program? +

This program has delivered exceptional results for countless photographers. I’ve seen it totally transform businesses and lives! If you show up dedicated to putting the strategies, tools, and resources to work, you will see incredible results. Due to the digital nature of this program, refunds are not available for any reason.

Do I have to show up at certain times to complete this program? +

What access will I have to Brooke? +

Do I have to be a full time photographer to join this program? +

What if this program doesn’t work for me? -

No. The design of this course is meant to be a go at your own pace. You can complete the program on your own schedule and time. All additional lives and trainings are recorded and available to access at a later time.

Do I have to show up at certain times to complete this program? -

What access will I have to Brooke? +

Do I have to be a full time photographer to join this program? +

What if this program doesn’t work for me? +