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A fully comprehensive 12 week program to a profitable full-time photography business.

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the Breakdown

- Rhiannan M., Perth, Western Australia 

"Brooke has helped me take my business to the next level. I have needed to do this for so long but never had a clear vision of what I needed to do. Brooke has helped me in more ways than I could have expected.."

"I am so excited for this next year in business!!"

- Angelique B., The Woodlands, Texas, USA

"Brooke's coaching was the absolute best investment I could have made for my photography business. She is AMAZING & a must need for any photographer wanting to grow and make real profit!."

"i made over $3000 in just two weeks!"

- Kristen C., Kansas City, Missouri, USA

"We have created clear pricing structures, streamlined what I offer, identified and committed to the types of photography I love, and I am on track to do $2,000 in sales next month. I even signed a lease on MY OWN STUDIO!."

"Brooke is playing an absolute key role in making my dreams happen."

The From Broke to Booked Blueprint isn't just an online course; it is your step by step roadmap to brand yourself, make more profit, and make a name for yourself. The Blueprint is also equipped with a community of like-minded photographers who want to go all in and make photography a career that fuels their desired lifestyle.

Are you ready to go from broke to booked?

The truth hurts.

Listen up,

Being a photographer isn't as easy as picking up a camera and learning how to use it. In order to be successful and profitable, you need to know how to stand out from the competition, market yourself, and design a client experience that creates loyal clients and sends them raving to their friends and family.

Camera and editing skills will only get you so far.

this is for you if...

You are stuck on how to scale and grow your photography business in an easy, automated, and organic way.

You are tired of under-pricing your services or guessing what you should be charging and lack confidence.

You know that your skill set should be in high demand, but you are not seeing the clients knocking at your door.

You are tired of editing late nights and not having the systems in place to run your business efficiently.

You want to know all the secrets and strategies from going part-time to scaling a blossoming full-time photography business.

I have your roadmap.

I created this program to help photographers like you

This program will help you:

Build a client experience that will help you attract the right clients and send them raving to their friends about you.

Learn everything you need to about pricing your offers the right way and creating packages that sell.

Find out how to legally set up and operate your business and organize your finances.

Figure out how to market your business both online and offline through a surplus of strategies including social media, email marketing, and local outreach.

Convert more leads into paying clients with a simple system.

Work Less + Make More by gaining confidence with digital sales + adding upsell strategies to your existing offers.

Gain client loyalty through learning about client retention through referral programs, the trust tier of the marketing funnel, and more.

Not only do you get a full blueprint course when you join, but you will get to walk along with a community of photographers and Brooke for 12 weeks delivering a weekly live training to hold you accountable and get you doing the work! February 1st through April 30th.

Topics include: Building Your Brand and Targeting the Right Fit Client, Building a Website, The One Strategy to Implement To Avoid Nightmare Clients, Retaining Your Client Base, and so much more with guest experts.

February - April

Live training

Learn how to create a client experience that will wow your right fit clients and have them returning again and again.

Learn how to set yourself apart from other photographers and be the go-to photographer in your area through branding. This training is brought to you by graphic designer, Molly Pearce.

Nail your messaging so you are speaking directly to your right fit clients and converting more inqurires into bookings!

Learn how to price yourself, the three types of business models to choose from, and how to create offers with value.

Stand out from the competition

Branding + Messaging

Learn the marketing funnel and how each piece leads someone from interest to desire.

Learn how to market your business online using various social media platforms including Facebook and Instagram and Google My Business.

Learn how to use email marketing in your business.

Learn how to utilize your local community to help get your business known.


marketing your photography business

Learn how to keep clients returning year after year.

Learn how to tie in client gifts with your client experience and truly give a VIP experience.

Learn how to create and market your upsells when selling prints, additional images, etc.

client experience

create raving clients who become your #1 referral system

additional resources included


Access to my lead generation tracker to help you keep track of your leads.

A complete behind the scenes training of one of my real life sessions.

A bonus training all about your Website and SEO with website designer, Karima Creative.

Learn how to get legal in your business and set up trademarks, copyrights, and contracts.

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the insane value you'll find in the from broke to booked Program:

Tag along with me as I take you on location with me while photographing and working with my clients.

go behind the scenes with me!


Meet your coach

Lifestyle photographer, business coach, & podcast host

Hey! I'm Brooke Jefferson. I'm a Jesus loving wife and mama to two littles living my best life in Southwest Oklahoma. After struggling to scale, grow, and explode my photography business for 4 years while working a full-time job, I finally uncovered the strategies to massive profitability and success by scaling and using the marketing strategies that are included here in your program. I was able to hit five figures replacing my current income, leave my full time job, and now I am teaching other photographers just like you how to do it too. I am so excited to bring this knowledge to you and support you. Let's get you from broke to booked out!

- Kara H., Arizona, USA

"My profit has doubled since I took your course. I am more relaxed and can handle more clients because I learned how to create a schedule that works and how to post on social media with more confidence and not the overwhelm."

"My profit has doubled and i am more confident!"

- Courtney M., Oklahoma, USA

"If you are second guessing Brooke's Broke to Booked Blueprint DON'T! I bought the program in November and in December I finally had the chance to dive in. After implementing the information she laid out for me, I booked my highest priced session within 24 hours! I have seen my business grow leaps and bounds and I haven't even finished the whole course!"

"i booked my highest session package!"

- Taylor K., Georgia, USA

" If you are even just thinking about investing in the course, you NEED to do it! It has seriously changed my business already and I haven’t even finished it yet. Brooke never seizes to amaze me with all the content and education she supplies us with and this course does not disappoint!"

"even if you are just thinking about the course, Take the plunge!"

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12 weeks of live training

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$200 Billed monthly for 6 months

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$997 (best value)

12 weeks of live training

lifetime access

Private Facebook Group

Blueprint Course

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Are you ready?

one program to complete business transformation and more profit in the bank.

doors close on january 31, 2021 and do not open again until fall 2021.

Frequently Asked Q's

What can business coaching do for me?

Business Coaching can help you with a variety of topics including: discovering and defining your niche, crafting packages that sell, craft a complete workflow to streamline your business, design a client experience that wows, craft a strategic marketing plan that works for you and your business, etc.

What is the difference between MENTORSHIPS & COACHING?

Mentorships are a one-time sit down with me typically focused on one or two specific areas of your business whereas coaching is tailored and personalized for you and your unique goals. Coaching is designed for those who thrive off of accountability and direction.

Who do you work with?

I work best with family or portrait photographers who are looking to bring a full-time income from their photography business. I also work best with photographers who are in their first 4 years of business who lack business knowledge, pricing confidence, and a client experience.

What should I expect in a session?

Depending on the length of our coaching agreement, we will meet on a consistent basis and hop on a zoom call for an hour or so where we will tackle a specific strategy for hitting your current goals and cover a variety of topics previously mentioned in question 1. This allows us to dive in deep, get you actionable items to work on in between our calls, and get you closer to your goals.

What is the investment?

The private coaching investment starts at $1500 for a 3-month commitment. Pricing is subject to change and custom plans are available.

What is your approach?

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