Helping you scale your business to consistent $5,000 or more a month working less than 20 hours a week.

Five Star Business Podcast for Faith-Led Female Entrepreneurs

In this podcast, you will find topics on spiritual growth, business strategy, leadership, and boundaries so you can scale your business and experience a fruitful life and business.

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You’ve grown your business to where it is now, but you know you were made for more. You might feel overwhelmed and lack a strategic plan in your business so you never know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

In this masterclass, I’m showing you exactly what it takes to have a $5k+ month in your business and the 6-step proven roadmap to get you there

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I’ve built a business the world’s way and experienced the exhaustion, frustration, and burnout that comes with building a business on my own and wearing all the hats. But once I hit rock bottom, I found that the only way up was to surrender my business to God.

I have partnered my businesses with God and experience the peace, joy, and abundance that the bible promises. This is possible for you too!

Hey I'm Brooke

believer, wife, mom, and multi-six figure business owner.

meet brooke

The #1 thing that contributed to my next level success was having a mentor + coach.

Since 2018, I have sought out the help of someone who has gone before me and can help me get the results I’m looking for faster.

Congratulate yourself on making it THIS far! There’s so much to celebrate! But one thing I know is we are often the obstacle that is holding ourselves back from MORE. That’s where I come in! 

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Completely in control of your business and your time

Confident that you know exactly what it takes to hit consistent $5k months

Spending more time with the ones you love

Having complete clarity after months (years?) of confusion and inconsistency
Freedom to choose how to fill your calendar 

This can be your reality in as little as 8 weeks. 

I’m going to teach you how to earn $5,000 or more a month in your business working 20 hours or less a week. 

Imagine yourself two months from now…

After my very first coaching call with Brooke, I knew BIG changes were coming to my business. Her advice spoke truth into the direction I knew God was calling me in. Brooke laid down the roadmap and I followed the steps! My business hasn’t been the same since. The overwhelm is fading into the background and a renewed fire is taking over. I’m so grateful for her wisdom and can’t wait to see where the change will lead! You can confidently put your business troubles into Brooke’s capable hands!”

Haley Littlepage

“Brooke realized I was playing small right away, and with some tough love, she helped me realize it; not only was I playing small from a place of comfort, but I wasn’t truly listening to what God had called me to do because of imposter syndrome & fear of the unknown. 

Brooke helped me craft my offers, packages, and the marketing strategy I needed to take me to new levels of success. Since working with Brooke, I’m onboarding dream clients & making more in my business than ever before!

Courtney Albertson

Brooke’s coaching was both incredibly kind and direct. She was able to get right at the heart of what I needed in my workflow which Is exactly what I came to her for.

I have no doubt Brooke’s coaching will be a blessing to my business and I would absolutely recommend her services.

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