Brooke Jefferson

Private Coaching

Business coaching to help the family photographer make full-time income.

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Do you

Feel like...

You have finally nailed your editing style but can't seem to attract the right clientele?

You are doing your best trying to market your business but you are overwhelmed and confused on where to focus?

You are made to be successful but lack a true roadmap of how to hit your income goals?

You want to stand out from other photographers in your area but you are just unsure of how?

You don't have to continue to live that way.

Sometimes you just need a helping hand from someone who has been there and can lead the way. By investing in private coaching you are committing to break the glass ceiling you have set for yourself. Through personalized coaching and strategy, I can help you build a profitable and sustainable business that you are proud of.

You need to:

The Support

Turn leads into paying clients with pricing and offers you are confident about.

Design a roadmap that gets you from dreaming about your ideal business to living it.

Strategically market your business and become the go-to photographer in your specialty. 

Streamline your business so you can avoid the overwhelm and burnout before it hits.

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"We have created clear pricing structures, streamlined what I offer, identified and committed to the types of photography I love, and I am on track to do $2,000 in sales next month. I even signed a lease on MY OWN STUDIO!"

Kristen C.

"Brooke's coaching was the absolute best investment I could have made for my photography business. I made $3,000 in just two weeks! She is AMAZING & a must need for any photographer wanting to grow and make real profit!."

Angelique B.

"Brooke has helped me take my business to the next level. I have needed to do this for so long but never had a clear vision of what I needed to do. Brooke has helped me in more ways than I could have expected."


What's included:

Custom roadmap plan

monthly calls

Monthly goal setting

Weekly accountability

Voxer Access

replays and notes of calls

Get ready to transform your photography business


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Coaching starts at a 3 month committment

Weekly accountability + access to me

Personalized coaching tailored to you

Monthly 1:1 strategy calls

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Frequently Asked Q's

What can business coaching do for me?

Business Coaching can help you with a variety of topics including: discovering and defining your niche, crafting packages that sell, craft a complete workflow to streamline your business, design a client experience that wows, craft a strategic marketing plan that works for you and your business, etc.

What is the difference between MENTORSHIPS & COACHING?

Mentorships are a one-time sit down with me typically focused on one or two specific areas of your business whereas coaching is tailored and personalized for you and your unique goals. Coaching is designed for those who thrive off of accountability and direction.

Who do you work with?

I work best with family or portrait photographers who are looking to bring a full-time income from their photography business. I also work best with photographers who are in their first 4 years of business who lack business knowledge, pricing confidence, and a client experience.

What should I expect in a session?

Depending on the length of our coaching agreement, we will meet on a consistent basis and hop on a zoom call for an hour or so where we will tackle a specific strategy for hitting your current goals and cover a variety of topics previously mentioned in question 1. This allows us to dive in deep, get you actionable items to work on in between our calls, and get you closer to your goals.

What is the investment?

The private coaching investment starts at $1500 for a 3-month commitment. Pricing is subject to change and custom plans are available.

What is your approach?

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