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Digital Camera for Beginners

Looking to learn your digital camera? This blog walks you through how to start using your digital camera and breaks down ISO, Aperture, and Shutter Speed.

How exciting that you are wanting to learn your digital camera! I know learning how to use one can be overwhelming and frustrating and I don’t want that for you! So in this post I am going to share some helpful tips and give you access to one of my training videos for FREE!

Turn Your Digital Camera On!

You can’t expect to learn your digital camera without turning it on. So go ahead and flip it to the on position.

At this point you might wonder what in the world are all of these modes?! Depending on your make and model, you might see anywhere from 3 options to 10. Let’s just focus on auto-mode for now. Some cameras will say AUTO while others may be identified with a color like green or an image of a camera.

Your Subject

Now decide on something that you are going to practice photographing. It can be a stationary object, your dog, or your children.

Take a few test shots and see what you get! Practice makes perfect.


So the biggest secret to taking any great image is the lighting! This is a huge factor that many people under-estimate. Get as close to natural light as possible. Natural light simply means the sun.

A few tips for shooting with natural light:

-The best place to photograph is outdoors when the sun is low. This is known as golden hour and occurs around an hour before the sun sets.

-If you are shooting outdoors at a different time, try not to stand directly with the sun overpowering your subject.

-If you are shooting indoors, photograph as close to a window or glass door as you can so you can use the light that is available.

The Fancy Photographer Terms

In this training video, I walk you through the “scary/overwhelming” photographer terms that complete the exposure triangle: ISO, aperture, and shutter speed.

I promise I break it down to where a Kindergartner could pick it up! Check the video out and see why learning this exposure triangle can change the game and quality of your images. I also include a cheat sheet for you to print and save!

Taking Your Digital Camera to the Next Level

Looking to learn manual mode? Check out my Manual Mode Mama Course!

Want to learn the 6 elements that make an amazing photo? Read the blog here.

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