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Want to know the proven strategies and Blueprint to book consistent photography clients without all the guesswork?

I’m here to help you become the go-to photographer in your area so you can work with clients you love + Make a profit that makes a difference in your life.

a business coach for photographers, a Jesus-loving wife, a mama to two littles, and your no BS Coach as you build your portrait photography business. 

I'm on a mission to help as many portrait photographers build profitable and purposeful businesses so they can make more impact which in return makes them more income!

If you’re looking for easy-to-implement tips for booking more clients, advice and guidance backed by years of experience and results, and a mentor who will give you real talk and tough love when you need it, you’ve come to the right corner of the internet.

I’m Brooke Jefferson

the heart behind my work

I went from a broke teacher to consistently booked, full-time photographer. 

After scaling my business to multiple five figures, I decided to make it my mission to help 10,000 photographers do the very same thing. Through my coaching, podcast, programs, and resources, I break down the systems and tools you need to thrive in your industry.

There’s a whooole lotta noise in this space, and it’s hard to know where to focus. But that’s where I come in—to show you exactly where to direct your time, energy, and resources.

Because here’s the deal, friend: building a business takes hard work, but it doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming and impossible.


              we’ll transform your business into YOUR definition of success.

With 8+ years of experience under my belt, I’ve coached over 250 photographers who have grown their businesses by leaps and bounds. I truly believe there are more than enough clients to go around, you just need to know how to reach them and how to keep them coming back again and again.

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Pricing for Profit

Do you even know where to start when pricing for your photography business? 

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“I’m now making over $3,000 per month as a family and couples photographer. I feel 1000% more confident in my business and my pricing. From Broke to Booked helped me identify what was holding my business back and gave me all the tools and knowledge to propel my business forward. My income has doubled and I am looking at taking photography full time. That would have never been possible without From Broke to Booked!”

Shelbie E.

“Since joining the program, I have more than doubled my rates and wow… I could cry. I never thought I’d get here. If you’re thinking of joining the Blueprint program, do it. It’s worth everything to grow and sustain your business.”

Jenny K

"Brooke’s course has been the best thing I have invested in for my business. The Blueprint not only gave me the knowledge to run my business more professionally, but gave me the courage to expand my business to go full time and be able to stay home with my new baby."

Mallory J

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