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One of the biggest complaints I hear from photographers is that they are not booking enough clients, or hardly any at all. We tend to wear too many hats and put so much on our plates that we shutdown. I want you to hear me when I tell you that you were not made to […]


I am SO stoked to talk about this topic! It’s one that can’t be talked about enough, especially for my audience ~ we wear A LOT of hats, I know that we struggle with feeling productive. So, before we get to all the good stuff about the better way to your photography business…Taylor, please introduce […]

There is SO much that isn’t taught to you when you start your photography business. One of those things is getting clients to stop backing out of sessions. When I was first starting out in my business, I felt like I had NO idea what I was doing. I just went through the motions & […]

Are the packages you’ve created designed to actually sell? I get it, fellow photographer! You’ve got your business up & running. You’ve chosen a niche and you’ve gone ALL IN. You’re getting inquiries, but you’re not sealing the deal. You’re not getting ANY clients, people are just not wanting to work with you. Does this sound […]

Creating a business budget & how to track finances…such a HUGE topic in the photography industry, right? How are you feeling about your business budget? Are you tracking your finances? Most importantly, are you paying yourself as a photographer? What does it look like to have a budget? In photography, it’s hard to have a […]

Are you as excited as I am?! I can’t wait to share how to run a successful model called, why you would do it, how to set it up all and all those nitty gritty details. Then, I’m going to wrap it up by sharing the ways you can even monetize your model call. Let’s […]


Today, I’m really excited to dive in to all things niche with Robyn Graham. She’s a certified brand specialist, host of the Second Phase podcast, a personal branding coach and a headshot/branding photographer. She has so much branding knowledge to share, so let’s get this party started! Brooke: I would love for you to tell […]


Having a website is no longer optional. It’s something that you absolutely need to have for 2021 and moving forward. Many businesses went to online marketing, because of the pandemic and that’s exactly what you need to be doing too. Today, I have my amazing friend Elizabeth MccCravy coming on the show, and we are […]


Today, I’m sharing five content prompts that you can use on your social media captions. Consider this your five day content strategy plan right here. The purpose of a prompt is not to give you a full caption, but to get your brain going. How many of you had an English teacher in school who […]


It’s time to say “YES!” to yourself, your business, and your ambitions. Together, we’ll make stress and burnout things of the past, because you’re wildly worthy of having the business and life of your dreams. Are you up for the challenge?

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