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Are you constantly doubting your prices? Unsure of how to price your services so you can still book your dream clients while staying profitable? I’ve got you, girl. Click the button below to view my masterclass and say goodbye to pricing panic!

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Trust me, you’re not alone, sister. And you’re in the right place. Let’s put some purpose in your business and some profit in your bank account.

Trying to grow a business, support yourself and your family, all while struggling to find confidence in yourself and your work?

How can I tell? Because not too long ago, I was exactly where you are, friend.

After riding the struggle bus while scaling my photography business for 4 years (and also working a full-time job), I FINALLY uncovered the strategies to reach massive profitability and success while living a life I’m absolutely obsessed with.

Now, I teach other photographers to do the very same thing, in a fraction of the time it took me.

I’m Brooke, a family photographer, business coach, and podcaster. And I can tell that you’re ready to turn your dream of running a full-time photography business into a reality. 

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Hi! I'm Brooke


“By this time next year, I’ll be able to leave my full-time job!” 

“Through [Brooke’s] program, I’ve learned to value myself and charge in a way that allows my business to be profitable and sustainable. I’ve raised my prices and streamlined my offerings and more people are booking my largest package! By this time next year, I’ll be able to leave my full-time job. I feel less overwhelmed, even in the midst of busy season. If you’re thinking of joining the program, DO IT! You needed this course, like, yesterday. The Blueprint was without a doubt worth EVERY single penny and then some.”


“Your podcast has taught me SO MUCH!”

“Your podcast has taught me SO MUCH! I listen to it weekly, the day it comes out!”


“I feel 1000% more confident in my business and my pricing.”

“I’m now making over $3,000 per month as a family and couples photographer. I feel 1000% more confident in my business and my pricing. From Broke to Booked helped me identify what was holding my business back and gave me all the tools and knowledge to propel my business forward. My income has doubled and I am looking at taking photography full time. That would have never been possible without From Broke to Booked!”

what they're saying

 Ditch the overwhelm and stress of starting and scaling a new business

Wake up every morning feeling motivated, creative, and organized

Feel secure and equipped with a plan and resources for your long-term success

I help Photographers who are Ready to...

Spend more time doing what you love and less time tied to your computer or camera

Charge what your services are worth instead of being held back by your money story

Make the income of your dreams as a successful, full-time photographer

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If you’re serious about turning your side-hustle or hobby into a full-blown, profitable as heck, big girl business, it’s about dang time we get connected. I can’t wait to help you grow the business of your dreams!

You deserve a photography business that supports your wildest dreams.

Let's get started!

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