Empowering photographers to build purposeful, profitable, and sustainable full-time income businesses. Let me show you how!

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Hey, I'm Brooke!


Trying to build a business, support yourself and your family, all while struggling to find the confidence in yourself and your work?

BEEN THERE. Done That. 
BUT YOU DON’T HAVE to stay stuck.

Trust me, you're not alone, sister. You're in the right place. Let's put some purpose in your business and some profit in your bank account.



I’m Brooke, a family photographer, business coach, and podcaster. And I can tell that you’re ready to turn your dream of running a full-time photography business into a reality. 

How can I tell? Because not too long ago, I was exactly where you are, friend.

After riding the struggle bus while scaling my photography business for 4 years (and also working a full-time job), I FINALLY uncovered the strategies to reach massive profitability and success while living a life I’m absolutely obsessed with.

Now, I teach other photographers to do the very same thing, in a fraction of the time it took me.

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hi loves!

I’m Brooke Jefferson


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amelia a.

Her courses were the kickstart I needed to take my business to the next level and FINALLY quit my corporate job.

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a self-paced digital course

Manual Mode Mama

Learn how to master manual mode and nail the shot every time with this self-paced digital course. You'll learn ISO, aperture, and shutterspeed as well as additional camera settings. You will also learn how to navigate lighting situations, the best time of day to shoot, and learn the basics of editing. So what are you waiting for? Time to dive in and master manual mode so you can charge those ideal prices.

Are you struggling to book clients consistently, seamlessly manage the back-end responsibilities of your business, or confidently price your services?

The From Broke to Booked Blueprint is the self-paced course and hands-on program to transform your photography business from the inside out.

The Business framework for photographers

From Broke to
Booked Blueprint

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A 5-day virtual mini course to teach you how to stand out from the sea of photographers and boost your bookings. We will cover The Key to Growing Your Business, Pricing for Profit, How to Stand Out in a Saturated Market, Eliminating Your Competition with an Exceptional Client Experience, and How to Boost Your Bookings! If you are ready to take your business to the next level, this Bootcamp is for you!

a 5-day virtual event to scale your business

Boost Your Bookings Bootcamp

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Brooke gave me the confidence to use the things I have access to and make them work for me. So many good tips and tricks to get more engagement and more bookings ! I  am confident after our talk to implement the things with much more knowledge and understanding of not only what but why. 

I am way more confident!


Brooke's coaching was the absolute best investment I could have made for my photography business. She is AMAZING & a must need for any photographer wanting to grow and make real profit!."

I made over $3,000 in just two weeks!

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I share how to run a successful model call, how to set it up all and all those nitty gritty details. Then, I’m going to wrap it up by sharing the ways you can even monetize your model call.

How to Run a Successful Model Call

The podcast


I am bringing you a workshop style training all about the marketing funnel for photographers.

Roadmap to Success for Photographers


How you are delivering your pricing can be one of the deciding factors for whether or not a client chooses to book with you.  Your first conversational exchange with your potential lead is when the client experience begins.

Pricing Tips to Implement Right Now


I’m sharing the four marketing trends that you need along with some key pieces that you must have in place to be a standout photographer, or risk sinking in the great big ocean. Let’s dive in!

Taking Pretty Pictures Isn't Enough Anymore!

amelia a.

Her courses were the kickstart I needed to take my business to the next level and FINALLY quit my corporate job.


Are you constantly doubting your prices? Unsure of how to price your services so you can still book your dream clients while staying profitable? I’ve got you, girl. Click the button to view my masterclass and say goodbye to pricing panic!

Pricing For Profit Masterclass