lifestyle photography

3 Tips for Getting Started with Lifestyle Photography

lifestyle photography

Lifestyle photography is quickly becoming one of my biggest obsessions. I live for the passion and emotion you feel through these sessions. I’m sharing 3 of my most important tips for transitioning into lifestyle sessions.

1. Stop aiming for perfection.

Lifestyle sessions are just that… life. These sessions aren’t posed perfection. Therefore all of those things that would normally be a “no-no” in a posed session are welcomed here. Let her hair fly in her face a little bit. Dance in the kitchen. Capture the laughter between the people. It’s all about capturing those real, raw moments that are their own kind of perfection.

2. Find a story to tell.

Photography is an art of storytelling. Without actually saying it, people hire you to take their photos to TELL THEIR STORY. Maybe it’s their newborn rainbow baby they spent many sleepless nights crying and praying for. Maybe it’s the newlyweds who have been together since they were kids and they just bought their first home. Maybe it’s the connection between a mother and her children. They have a story they want to share with the world. Authentic, raw photos are the perfect way to communicate that story.

3. Encourage interaction and connection.

This is the most important part of lifestyle sessions. Ask them questions ahead of time to get to know them and their story. Spark conversation and emotion with the person you’re photographing. Do the newlyweds love to goof around and give rapid-fire kisses? Instead of saying “stand here, look here, do this,” stick to things like, “run up behind her, hug her tight and give her rapid-fire kisses on the cheek.” This makes for genuine giggles and more natural movements.

These are my three greatest tips for transitioning into lifestyle photography. It’s all about making them feel natural and telling their story. If you can do those things, you will be booking lifestyle sessions back to back.

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