Tools You Need In Your Business - Brooke Jefferson

5 Ways To Market Yourself For Free

Tools You Need In Your Business - Brooke Jefferson

Running a business can be difficult when you don’t have consistent leads coming in. Today I want to share 5 ways to market yourself for free and advertise your business online. You can view the training video on this topic here.

1. Have an email tag

In your business and personal emails, you can add a custom email tag. (Here is the training video walking you through how to create one). I created mine inside of Canva.  An email tag consists of a picture of yourself, your signature, your website link, a social media link, and any other important information that you need.

It’s advertising in a non-sleazy way. It simply directs someone reading your email to a couple of places to connect with you.

2. Market Through Social Media

One simple way that will keep recycling new leads is through optimizing your Facebook profile.

Your profile picture should be a photo of you. It should be close to your face and you should be smiling. Then use the caption of the image to tell a quick story of who you are, what you do, and how they can connect with you. When people visit your profile they will often click on your profile image and be able to learn more about you this way.

Your cover photo should be intriguing to the eye. You can also change up your cover photo to promote an event you have going on or to advertise your Facebook group. Use the description of the image to invite your reader to join you or connect with you somewhere.

Your ‘About’ Section – This should include a one sentence to capture a lead. Think of it as a “snapshot of your value.”
My example: “Inspiring mamas to live their most abundant lives.”

Work Information – Tag your business page so when people click on it they go to your business page and their next step is to go to your Facebook group or website. The part that states “works at ______” should be where you search for your Facebook Page.

Disclaimer for Network Marketing: Don’t put your rank and company in your about me section if you want to truly network because it is a turn off.

3. Have an Email List

Having an email list is one of the best ways to market yourself for free. It allows you to connect with your people one to one.

The purpose of email marketing is for you to have ownership to contact information that people choose to give you and allow you to communicate and pitch your products and services to people who WANT & NEED them. It is a casual way of saying “hey, I’m open for business.”

To start growing your email list, you need to create a free lead magnet. A lead magnet is a piece of content you create that is packed full of value and offers a quick win to your reader. People can get their hands on your lead magnet by giving you their email address in exchange for the freebie. Learn how to create an irresistible lead magnet in this blog.

4. Market through Pinterest

2019 is the year for Pinterest Marketing! There is a Pinterest training in my Facebook group from Pinterest Expert Jacquelene Hayes. You watch it here.

If you have a product or service based business, you need to be on Pinterest. It is not as hard as people make it out to be. It’s a learning curve like everything else, but there are so many free trainings out there. When you use Pinterest, you are helping yourself with SEO, gaining leads, and providing value to people who are looking for what you offer. This is the most under-utilized platform out there. So get on Pinterest!

5. Blogging & Guest Blogging

Networking is the key to gaining more visibility. Blogging allows you to become the expert in your industry and position yourself as the “go-to” person. When you guest blog or are featured on someone else’s blog it helps you gain more eyes on your business. Blogging is FREE value and is able to be re-purposed again and again.

There you have it; 5 Ways to Market Yourself For Free! 

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