Build a profitable, highly-sought photography business that fuels the life you love. 

Gain confidence in your skills, actually charge for profit, & contribute to your family finances while being present like never before, 

You’ve mastered manual mode and fine tuned your editing skills. You have a few clients under your belt, but you’re feeling underpaid and undervalued. Bookings have been inconsistent and most of your time is spent marketing and strategy-hopping.

You need a long-term solution


Does this sound like you? 


Confident behind the camera but struggling with the “business” side of your photography business.

Struggling with pricing and undervaluing your own talent & potential.

Consistently missing profit goals & lost on what to change

Unsure how to stand out in your highly-saturated, competitive market

Craving proven strategies for marketing, lead generation, booking ideal clients, & building a profitable, sustainable photography business

Eager to start contributing a significant amount to your family finances

Dreaming of the perfect balance between a fulfilling family life & a successful photography career.

Hey, Friend!

I’m Brooke Jefferson

Christian, Wife, Mama,
Photographer, & Photography Coach

In 2018, I left the classroom and never looked back. The following year, I started the Book More Clients Photography podcast and began mentoring other photographers to grow profitable businesses too. 

If I could pick one piece of advice to share with you, it’s this. Go all in, friend. Go all in on you and your dreams. Commit to showing up and don’t let a single excuse stand in your way. You’re worth it. Your dreams are worth it. It’s time to build the business and life you’ve been dreaming of. 

Cheering you on,

I often joke that I “fell into” photography, but it’s true! I started my photography business in 2014 with a baby, a borrowed camera, and a need to generate income for my family. I never thought it would be my full time career but God had other plans.


my business journey


Left the classroom & went full time


Started my photography business




started the book more clients photography podcast


Transformed 500+ photography businesses and counting

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