Is Email Dead? Email Marketing for Photographers

Is Email Dead? What photographers need to know about Flodesk. Interview with the creators of Flodesk, a new email marketing platform for the creative.

Is email marketing dead? All the gurus encourage that you must have a list and must keep growing it in order to have a viable business. But do you really need one? I sat down with the founders and creators of Flodesk, a new email marketing platform built for creatives, to get to the bottom of this question.

Email Marketing Makes You Money

Martha says that email marketing is actually the highest converting channel in your marketing funnel. Email marketing is not dead itself, but some of the original platforms are ancient. It was time for an upgrade with the ever-changing technology.

Most platforms were designed with a pricing structure that is outdated. Charging per subscriber doesn’t make sense when the overall goal is to continue to grow your list. So you are in essence being punished and being asked to pay more when your emails actually convert. Martha and Rebecca saw a need for change.

Flodesk is the email marketing platform for creatives.

“We don’t believe in penalizing our members for growing their list and being successful in the long term.” -Martha Bitar

As creatives, Martha and Rebecca saw the need for an update in the technology of email marketing platforms. They knew that creatives needed their emails to be as gorgeous as their final products and images. So they created Flodesk to produce emails that are visually appealing and on brand.

Features of Flodesk

There are so many features of Flodesk that have me so excited. One of the features I love the most is that you are able to upload your branding features including your logo and colors and it is saved and applied in every email you create in Flodesk. It allows for individuality and uniqueness in every email.

The other feature that I enjoy so much is the ability to choose from pre-designed layouts and emails. This is the first email marketing platform I have used that is truly a plug and play. You have the option of creating one from scratch or using templates.

Types of Emails for Photographers

What kind of emails should you be creating and sending out to your list? The ideas go on and on. Here are a few Rebecca suggests:

Create an auto-responder email that you can send to leads that explains who you are and what services you provide.

Email your clients once a month about upcoming sessions and opportunities.

Education topics such as in what is in your camera bag or how to book out your mini sessions.

The ideas go on and on. Start somewhere!

Try Flodesk for Free.

You can try Flodesk by clicking here and saving 50% off for life when you subscribe:

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Is Email Dead? What photographers need to know about Flodesk. Interview with the creators of Flodesk, a new email marketing platform for the creative.

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