Birth Photography with Tavia Redburn

Finding Your Niche & Birth Photography

Brooke Jefferson interviews Tavia Redburn about finding her niche in birth photography and how she became a sought-out birth photographer.

One thing I love about the World Wide Web is the ability it provides us to connect with fellow creatives and entrepreneurs that inspire us. For me, I was inspired and able to connect with Tavia Redburn, who just so happened to be in my very own state of Oklahoma!

I stumbled upon Tavia when I began dabbling in birth photography. Tavia’s niche is birth and newborn photography. She also trains birth photographers on how to run a successful business. In fact, I ended up signing up for her free five-day course. (You need to check it out!)

Tavia started as your typical mom with a camera.

In 2009, she just wanted to learn how to take better photos of her little boy. So, she bought her first DSLR, which was a Canon Rebel and took a photography class. Tavia explains in the podcast that once she learned all the things that were possible with her camera, she was hooked.

Over time, people became amazed at her hidden talent and started asking if she would take family photos for them. Of course, the answer was yes, but she was only charging $50 to $100 to get her name out there. Photography became a side-hustle.

In 2011, Tavia took the plunge and made her photography an actual business. She was also pregnant with her second child and decided to hire a birth photographer.

Guess what?

Her birth photographer didn’t show up! (Gasp!) And, if you’re putting the pieces together on your own, you’ve probably realized this is how Tavia decided that birth and newborn photography would be a priority of hers.

She had to learn business.

Tavia knew that if she was going to truly make photography a full-time thing, she had to focus and learn all things marketing. She knew that having the lowest pricing wasn’t going to technically get her noticed. (This is whole other topic for another day.) She focused on what would make her stand out and how she could best serve her clients.

One thing that I love that Tavia shares about is knowing your value and the importance of pricing psychology. There are people who will hire you because you are the best and because they view you as the best, but this all starts with you and… your pricing!

Now, Tavia is a mom who is living her dream all while running a successful business.

She stayed focused on honing her craft and learning how to best serve her clients. Her husband was able to quit his 9-5. They are able to homeschool their kiddos. And, Tavia gets to work with photography students every day that are out there striving to turn their passion into a profitable business.

Listen to the full podcast. It is jam-packed with quality info and tips shared by the one and only Tavia Redburn. It’ll be the best 30-minutes of your day. Go give it a listen!

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