Pricing Tips to Implement Right Now


Did you know you are delivering your pricing can be one of the deciding factors for whether or not a client chooses to book with you? Remember, from the moment you have your first conversational exchange with your potential lead, you are already bringing them into your client experience.

Pricing & Packages:

Let’s dive into some tips that you can implement when it comes to your pricing and your packages. Taking a few of these tips and running with them may just be the change your business needs to attract more of your ideal clients.

Delivering Your Pricing:

The first thing that I want to tackle is how to deliver pricing to your leads and potential clients. This process includes two things:

  1. How they are seeing the information
  2. How long it took them to get that information from you

We live in a day in an age where everybody expects things to be instantaneous. That’s why we have drive throughs, microwaves, social media notifications, and all the things. We don’t want to have to wait for anything we want it right now. Amazon prime is very close to having something in like minutes.

When your clients are searching, they are actively searching. This is someone that knows for sure that they are in the mood to purchase something from somebody, right? If you are not responding to them within 24 to 48 hours, you’ve lost them. All in all, I want you to think about how long it takes someone to get a response from you.

Investment Guides

Now, I want you to think about how you’re delivering your pricing to your clients. Are you copying and pasting the same thing to every single person that reaches out to you to book? Are you using an investment guide that actually makes you look like you put in effort? You are a professional, and actually already helps seal the deal and sells you without you really having to say anything, okay, I really, really want to recommend and push you to start using an investment guide.

I have an Investment Guide on my website HERE, so please feel free to pop on over there and check it out. You can see an example and read everything that you’ll get. The way that you are delivering your pricing can sometimes be one of the deciding factors.

When you have your first conversational with your potential client, you are already bringing them into your client experience. If you want to set the bar high, one way to do that is by giving them an investment guide.

Your Offer:

Now, let’s dive in to packages offers and pricing. When you are delivering your offers and packages, remember, your clients need you to make the decision as easy as possible for them to just pick something that aligns with what they want.


When you are thinking about your package options, please limit it to two or three to keep it simple for both you and your clients. Giving tons of options for every single type of photography out there is not going to get you anywhere. When you give people too many options they become overwhelmed and may not choose to book with you simply because they couldn’t make a decision. They went with the other photographer that gave them an A or B option, chose one and booked them.

Package Order

The second thing about your packages and offers and how you present them, is you want to list your packages from high to low. People are more likely to go with one of your higher packages if you list them from high to low.

Numbers Matter

The last tip I want to share on pricing and packages is that numbers matter. The majority of the time, if you were looking at purchasing something, especially a luxury product or service, it’s prices doesn’t end in a nine. Pricing that ends with the number 99 makes something feel discounted or cheap. I recommend stay with either even numbers or something ending in a zero.

Now I want to encourage you choose at least one tip and run with it. Tweak something in your pricing or packages. Then, watch what happens over the next few months. Are you getting increased bookings? Are you making it easier for your potential clients to say yes and book you?

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