3 Ways to Avoid Inevitable Boss Babe Burnout

3 Ways to Avoid Inevitable Boss Babe Burnout

Hey boss babe, We need to talk.

Go ahead, grab you a cup of coffee and let’s do some chatting, shall we?

Because here’s the truth: I see you over there running your business like the boss babe that you are. I see you making sales and killing it with all of your clients. I see you kicking butt and taking names. You’re rocking your confidence. You’re connecting with people like crazy. You’re taking your business to an entirely new level and I couldn’t be any more proud of you. You’re straight up blazing the trail for all of us and your fire has brought motivation to other aspiring boss babes who see you going after it.

But here’s the thing:

I know things seem to be going undeniably well right now, but the truth of the matter is?

Burnout is coming.

It happens when we least expect it, honestly. We’re doing so well and things seem to be operating at a beautiful speed when out of nowhere we hit this road block. We begin struggling with motivation to network. We begin finding ourselves becoming sluggish and apathetic to what we’re pursuing. We grow tired. We grow weary and then it hits us. We realize that we are straight up burnt out.

With that being said, I’m here to help you avoid what to others may seem inevitable. I’m here to give you a few things to implement into your schedule NOW to avoid that nagging burnout LATER.

Tip One: Make Time for Yourself.

If you’re always throwing yourself into your business and never allowing margin to do things that you love and enjoy just for fun (without focusing on bringing in income and another buck), then burnout is just around the corner. Because you can’t keep pouring out if you’re not first pouring IN. Pouring into yourself, investing in yourself, focusing on YOU instead of your business is actually HEALTHY for your business.

Tip Two: Lock Arms with Other Boss Babes.

Truth: You need other like minded women walking this with you! Sure, you could attempt to pursue your goals on your own. You could attempt to run this race solo, but the truth of the matter is YOU NEED HER. In fact, you need her way more than you realize. And who is her? She is the other boss babe doing her thing. She’s that friend who never fails to pick you up when you’re lagging behind. She’s the person who’ll shoot you straight when you need to be talked down off that ledge of giving up. She’s the boss babe who’s like minded, not just in business but in heart.

Do you know her? And do you need to go grab her hand and lock arms with her? Invest in that relationship, girl. It could be a puzzle piece to the dream that you’re pursuing.

Tip Three: Stay close to the heart of Jesus.

I am never more clear in direction and focus then when my heart is close to the Lord. There is honestly just something about staying connecting with Him through His word that keeps me at my knees in my business focus. I stay humble. I walk knowing His promises for me. I trust Him more. I lean into Him more. I walk more aware of the enemy’s schemes to trip me up and distract. When the communication remains consistently open with my Father, my drive shifts and my motive towards my work becomes selfless in pursuit of wanting to bring HIM the glory and fame.

Find time. Make time. Get in His word. Your dream is just too precious to NOT pursue it with the Lord.

Boss babe. Stay focused.

Make time for you. Lock arms with other boss babes. Stay close to the heart of the Lord.

And watch as you avoid the inevitable boss babe burn out.

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