How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress - Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress

How to Find the Perfect Wedding Dress - Oklahoma Wedding Photographer

“She Said Yes to the Dress” seems to be one of the most popular wedding phrases. That statement can make me break out in a sweat just thinking about stressful some of the wedding dress shopping stories can be. Other times I am brought to joy with sweet memories of the tears when the bride is “all jacked up.”

When my sister invited us to go wedding dress shopping with her, I never imagined I would be the one putting her in 20+ gowns.

If you haven’t ever done this, bless you.

As if there wasn’t enough stress of finding the perfect dress, I was now in charge of the bride. As we narrowed down our choices to the final three, we decided to play a little psychology game on the crowd who waited anxiously on the other side of the dressing room.

There was a split on the vote of everyone’s favorite dress. My sister was leaning toward dress A while the rest of the group was leaning toward dress B. So we put her back in dress B and told everyone it was dress A. They started to second guess their choice. So we went back in and had her put on dress A. Everyone exclaimed ‘That’s the one!’ And then we let them in our little secret.

As you search for the perfect dress for your body and personality, just remember this: With a great photographer, you could wear a paper sack down the aisle and still look beautiful. And if this doesn’t satisfy you, I’ve put together three tips for you to aid in your wedding dress shopping:

Tip #1: Local Wedding Dress Shopping

Shop your local boutiques FIRST. Before you go to major outlets, I would highly suggest shopping your local area first. You never know what is hiding in a boutique for you. Not to mention most local businesses dish out exceptional customer service!

Oklahoma Wedding Photographer - Altus, Oklahoma

We shopped at this wonderful boutique and found Alexa’s dress: The Wedding Boutique

Tip #2: Find a Wedding Dress You LOVE

Make sure YOU love the dress everyone else loves. This is YOUR wedding; not granny Sue’s or Aunt Linda’s. They already had their turn. You get a say so! Use this tip to carefully choose your bridal shopping audience too!

Tip #3: Photographing the Wedding Dress

Dresses that show off your curves do photograph better. They are complimentary to your body type. So I highly recommend staying away from ball gowns unless that is your ultimate favorite type of dress.

And remember when you hire a phenomenal photographer, your photographs will be beautiful no matter what.

If you are in the beginning stages of your wedding planning, check out this blog post here that breaks down the top three things you need to do once you’re engaged.

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