How to Add Emotion to Your Photos

how to add emotion to your photos

The best part about being a photographer is being able to tell people’s stories. I strive to create emotional images that move the soul. I am telling you some of my secrets to adding emotion to your images!

Play music while photographing. Play the song that your child LOVES and let them go wild.  Music inspires emotions. Their faces will be beaming with genuine emotion, laughter, and smiles.

Less is more. You want to choose a simplistic place to shoot with little props so that your focus is on your subjects. Minimal distractions make it so much easier for the eye to focus on the story you’re trying to tell. Clear a room of unnecessary clutter before photographing. Choose an outdoor location that isn’t near a busy street or sidewalk.

Play around with your editing. Of course I recommend putting a lot of thought into your editing style and developing one of your own. However, there are other ways to add emotion to your photos through editing. My favorite? Black and white! Don’t you just get goosebumps and those butterflies in your stomach when you see black and white images full of emotion?

Grab my top 5 free must-have black and white photos of your kids here.

Keep shooting mama,

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