Create an Irresistible Lead Magnet for Your Business

Create an irresistible lead magnet

How big is your list? This is something we have heard multiple times and we know we need to be growing our email lists, but it keeps getting pushed to the back burner. “I’ll just start that next week” you say. The weeks pass by and eventually turn into another year and you still don’t have that email list you said you were going to start. For many of us, the biggest obstacle is finding that perfect lead magnet for our audience. By the end of this blog, you will know exactly how to create an irresistible lead magnet that is sure to grow your email list.


If your freebie is just barely scratching the surface and it’s something you created in 5 minutes, it’s probably not bringing much value. I hate to burst your bubble, but that is simply the truth. Even though your lead magnet is “free,” it can’t look like you put zero effort into it. Why would anyone want to buy your product or service if your free stuff was crap?

What is value? Value is when you are able to provide someone with a quick win, a lesson, or a major takeaway that will transform their thinking and inspire action. Here’s an example of an opt-in a fitness expert might use:

Crap example: “5 reasons you need to quit eating cake” In this freebie, the expert gives you uninspiring reasons to quit eating cake. They are just some googled statistics that were thrown together. It’s enough for their reader to consider not eating cake, but it wasn’t full of any REAL value that encouraged them to quit cold turkey. Plus, who is going to give up eating cake for the rest of their life? Irresistible lead magnet: “5 ab exercises to do after eating cake” In this freebie, the expert gives away TRIED & TRUE exercises that reduce bloating, target all of the abdominal muscles, and make the reader feel better after eating that slice of cake. The title alone grabs the reader’s attention and the reader gets an inside look at some of the exercises this fitness professional offers enticing them to see what else the fitness expert offers. See the difference?


If your lead magnet offer isn’t professional looking with correct grammar, color schemes, and working buttons on the opt-in page, it is definitely not going to have a high conversion rate. People unfortunately do judge online businesses by what they look like on the outside. Gone are the days of the quote “don’t judge a book by its cover.” Today, the way it looks is just as important as the value on the inside.

The good news, you don’t have to be a graphic designer to pull together a professional looking freebie and opt-in page. Here are some tools that can help you: Canva– This is the online FREE program that allows you to pull together professional looking designs quickly and easily. I use this site every day in my business. They have templates that are easy to use and allow you to swap out fonts, colors, and images so you can create on-brand graphics that suit your business. LeadPages– This is a PAID feature, but comes highly recommended by many. They make creating opt-in pages so easy. You can make as many as you want and it will capture your subscribers for you so you can easily input them into your email service provider. They are well worth the investment.

3. It MUST have a PURPOSE.

The whole point of having freebies/lead magnets/opt-ins is to invite prospects to enter your sales funnel to eventually lead them down the line and convert them into a paying customer (AKA making a sale). This is not to be sleazy in any way. This is called BUSINESS. You are in business to share your expertise or product or service with someone who WANTS it and will trade their dollars for it.

Your freebie needs to be aligned with your services and offers and ultimately leave your subscriber wanting more. Otherwise there is no point of creating lead magnets and converting leads.

Now it’s time to brainstorm your offer. Here are several examples for different industries to get your brain going:

Industry/Profession – “Freebie Title” – Bigger Offer

Wedding Photographer – “3 Accessories Every Bride Needs to Enhance Her Wedding Portraits”- Wedding Photography Business Coach – “How to Book Your Next 3 Clients” – Coaching Course Wellness Network Marketer – “3 Shakes to Blast Belly Fat after Birth”  – Wellness Supplements Beauty Consultant – “Minimize Wrinkles in 28 Days” – Skincare Products

Is your brain going? I can’t wait to hear about your irresistible lead magnet! Please leave your questions below and I will be happy to answer them and help you brainstorm as well!

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