Overwhelmed with all of the noise out there telling you what you should be doing in your business? Let's dive in and talk about the truth about business strategy.

Overwhelmed? The Truth about Business Strategy

Overwhelmed with all of the noise out there telling you what you should be doing in your business? Let's dive in and talk about the truth about business strategy. There is so much noise going on in the world telling us business owners what HAS to be done. Between the blog posts and podcasts and video trainings, the noise is everywhere. Are you overwhelmed? I am. The truth is that there will always be more to do, but you don’t have to do it all! There is no one business strategy that fits all. Sigh that sigh of relief. There will always be another business strategy you haven’t tried. There will always be a social media platform you haven’t mastered. Did you know that having a successful business does NOT require you doing it all? You can run a profitable and sustainable business by having a simple business plan and marketing strategy. As you grow, your plan can grow more complex if you choose.

Where do you start?

You start with ONE end goal in mind. What is your focus going to be for the entire year? Then you will break it down into quarters. Every 90 days, you should have ONE major goal you are working towards. From that goal, you should create your marketing and strategy. Questions to take into consideration when making your marketing plan:
  1. What actions do I need to take in order for me to reach this goal?
  2. Which social media platform will I use for marketing? (Pick ONE main platform to put your energy into)
  3. How can I monetize what I am doing? (Girl, how are you going to make money?)
  4. What free value can you give and turn into content to create blog posts, social media posts, and lead magnets?
  5. What daily habits are you going to need in order to hit your goal?

If something doesn’t work, pick a new strategy.

Don’t beat yourself up and keep doing the same thing over and over again if it’s not producing results. Now I’m not a quitter, but I also don’t believe you should keep doing something especially if you are pouring money into it if it’s not pushing you closer to your goal. If you’ve been tirelessly taking action and showing up on a Facebook Business Page and it has absolutely not made you a $1 or grown your community, then stop focusing your attention and energy there. Pick something else. If Instagram feels like a loud arena and you don’t fit in and it’s causing you so much stress and hours from your friends and family, then stop it. If you are hired a VA to perform a task for you and find out that 6 months later, it’s not really helping your business, then maybe it’s time to pivot. Find something else they can do or let the help go for that particular part of your business.

You are your own boss. You make the rules.

I hope this frees you from any guilt you aren’t meant to carry. I hope this made you make a mental or physical list of some of those things you can let go. There is so much beauty in simplifying. What are you choosing to let go of today? I created a workbook to help you figure out if you are charging enough for your work! Click here to download your free workbook! Looking for a place to connect with and learn from other photographers? Join my Facebook Community! If you are interested in working directly with me as your coach, click here to apply for 1:1 Mentoring!

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