How to Run a Successful Model Call

Are you as excited as I am?! I can’t wait to share how to run a successful model called, why you would do it, how to set it up all and all those nitty gritty details. Then, I’m going to wrap it up by sharing the ways you can even monetize your model call. Let’s go ahead and dive on in to today’s topic!

Why Do a Model Call?

The first thing I want to tackle is why would you even consider running a model call. There are so many different
reasons. Some of the most popular reasons I see are to build up your business, need someone to practice or show off on and is a good way to get your name out there. The second is if you’re pivoting your business. Maybe you were doing one type of photography, but now you’re beginning to focus on a different niche. You could use a model called to pivot your business and show off your skills in another area.

Also, a lot of us will go through a season where we’re pouring ourselves into education. Maybe you’re even one of my blueprint program students. You’ve just learned all of this awesome stuff and are ready to show your growth. This is a fantastic way to do just that! I will even run model calls when my client closet grows a lot.
All in all the purpose of a model call, regardless of what your main reason is, is that you are trying to
drive more traffic into your business. That is what a model call is really for. People also
call model calls, styled shoots, because they go together. Typically, when you’re running a model call,
it’s because you are wanting to take complete creative control over the situation. Now, I want to walk you through how I plan one, how I make these successful, and then how you can monetize your model calls.

How to Plan Your Shoot

Now, I’m going to walk you through all the little decisions I have to make before I throw it together in a workflow and actually put it out into the world. So here’s my process:

I start by revisiting my purpose. Then, I decide on the type of location that is really going to help me paint the best picture and bring out my skill set. I didn’t say what location is the most popular or closest to me. I’m not choosing a location out of convenience. I decided on that place, because of the way I was trying to paint the picture. I also knew the outfits I was going to have them wearing would match best with this location.

The next thing to do is choose the dates. I’m very strategic in the way that I do this. I’m not planning a model call in the middle of my busy season, around a holiday or near anything that’s going to distract me. Once you have all of those details mapped out, you know when, where, who and what the purpose is for every little detail.

Your Workflow

Now it’s time to talk about your workflow. I start this by going into my client relationship management system, Iris works, and setting up what’s gonna happen when I actually select the models. Then, I create an email sequence to make sure they’re going to be able to sign my client agreement contract, pay the retainer and keep up adequate communication. I also give them a questionnaire to fill out and a style guide. Then, when we have our styling consult, they know the standard I’m looking for rather than trying to style them. Next, I set up some email reminders so they’re constantly being reminded of when this is taking place.

Once I’m done with that, I go into Google Forms and create an additional questionnaire to get the initial information from every single person that is going to apply. You need to have an entire workflow for everyone to apply, so I’m going to walk you through mine. After I craft my post, I have a call to action of where to apply. I also have a spot on my website that says to apply here. It’s a little landing page I created in Flodesk. Once a potential model applies, they will receive a thank you email that includes a questionnaire to help weed out the ones that are serious from the ones just looking for a free session.

I definitely recommend that you offer a refundable retainer, once the agreement and session has been met. Most people will agree that $100 is not too much to ask for, especially if you are working on being a
legitimate business working with legitimate clients. My models had that paid within 24 hours.

Model Call Marketing

Now, let’s talk about actually posting and marketing, because I think that this is where a lot of people go wrong. I want to walk you through how to write a model call post, and make sure that you’re actually covering your bases. To write a model call post, what you need

Section 1: Share the shoot details including where and when it is.

Section 2: Write a description of exactly what you’re looking for. The more specific you are the better.

Sections 3: Provide your contact information and details on how to apply and.

Section 4: Choose one of your own pictures to showcase what you want to do as a bonus.

I don’t want you to post this one time and walk away. I want you to run your model call for
about five to seven days. I want you to post this once a day on your social media platforms of choice.

Here’s an example: On Monday, you post the model call on your Instagram feed. Tuesday, you remind them by re sharing the post to your stories. Wednesday, you go over to your Facebook photography business page and post it there. On Thursday, you post it to your personal Facebook profile. Then, Friday you circle it back for one more last call. That’s five days and a lot of different eyeballs.

Let’s Wrap This Up!

Whoa, that was a novel of information. I hope you found so much value along with one or two takeaways you can apply to your next model call. I would love to hear from you inside of the Social Selling for Photographers Facebook group, so hop on over there and share.

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