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I'm Brooke Jefferson and I am so excited that you are here! I am going to transform your photography business so that you can scale and create a consistent client base, automate your systems, and transition into becoming a full-time photographer who makes five figures and beyond. I want to help you navigate this overwhelming space so that you know what to charge, how to streamline your business, and how to market your business effectively. It's time to scale and create your most profitable, exciting, and fulfilling photography business of your dreams.




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"I have been in business for a few years and every time I listen to Brooke’s podcast, I am encouraged and I feel like I’ve learned something new! She shares great tips and insight from marketing to running mini sessions. In a job where it is so easy to compare, Brooke makes you feel like you just made a new friend who will spur you on to greatness. This podcast is one I try not to miss!"

A must-listen for growing photographers

“I have always struggled with organization in my business and streamlining things. I discovered Brooks podcast about a month ago and I cannot stop listening! From listening to her podcast I am now hooking up with flowdesk… An email marketing system… Iris works… A client management program and so many other things! I have been making a list and I am so pumped for the new year and better serving my clients and having a business plan for the year."

Highly recommend every photographer listen!

“Brooke really brings it in this immensely valuable podcast - she’s helped me level up my photography business in so many ways from mindset, to practical business concepts, website design, and right down to specific tips on how to cultivate a better client experience. Her confidence is contagious and I hope to take her up on either her Broke to Booked program or her upcoming 2022 workshop. Cheers from North Texas, - JonPentonPhotography.com”

thank you Broooke!

I love listening to Brooke’s Book More Clients Podcast! I also follow her on other social media platforms because I have learned so much from her! She is very relatable and has an amazing personality. She genuinely cares about community and helping other photographers be successful and she shares real strategies that you can use today! Love her!”

I have learned so much from her!

“I'm a starting photographer from Puerto Rico. I listen to entrepreneurship podcasts regularly and I came across my FIRST podcast about photography only! I love it. I love the concise and simple way she shares valuable information with us. I think this podcast is going to help beginner photographers (like me) to start to organize their ideas and ultimately help them achieve a profitable business. And to Brooke, I send love and support from the small Island of Puerto Rico, you are genuine! thank you!”

Helpful for beginner photographers

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a family photographer, business coach, & podcaster. And I can tell that you’re ready to turn your dream of running a full-time photography business into a reality. 

How can I tell? Because not too long ago, I was exactly where you are, friend.

After riding the struggle bus while scaling my photography business for 4 years (and also working a full-time job), I FINALLY uncovered the strategies to reach massive profitability and success while living a life I’m absolutely obsessed with.

Now, I teach other photographers to do the very same thing, in a fraction of the time it took me.


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