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Is email marketing dead? All the gurus encourage that you must have a list and must keep growing it in order to have a viable business. But do you really need one? I sat down with the founders and creators of Flodesk, a new email marketing platform built for creatives, to get to the bottom […]

Is Email Dead? What photographers need to know about Flodesk. Interview with the creators of Flodesk, a new email marketing platform for the creative.

Are you using email marketing in your photography business? I recently asked this question to a group of photographers and got a handful of different answers. In this blog, I want to walk you through how to grow your email list. I will be sharing how I grew my email list by over 100 subscribers […]

I want to walk you through how to grow your email list. I will be sharing how I grew my email list by over 100 subscribers in one day.

Listen on Itunes | Listen on Google Play Today we are going to talk about two tools you need to be using in your photography business. I switched over and started using these two tools around the same exact time and I have seen so much success. I started using a new email marketing system […]

FloDesk & Iris-Works: Two Must-Haves in Your Photography Business to transform your workflow and bottom line. Click to learn more.

Running a business can be difficult when you don’t have consistent leads coming in. Today I want to share 5 ways to market yourself for free and advertise your business online. You can view the training video on this topic here. 1. Have an email tag In your business and personal emails, you can add […]

Tools You Need In Your Business - Brooke Jefferson

There is so much noise going on in the world telling us business owners what HAS to be done. Between the blog posts and podcasts and video trainings, the noise is everywhere. Are you overwhelmed? I am. The truth is that there will always be more to do, but you don’t have to do it […]

Overwhelmed with all of the noise out there telling you what you should be doing in your business? Let's dive in and talk about the truth about business strategy.

What is this email marketing all about? What if you were to wake up tomorrow and you logged into Facebook or Instagram and realized the apps no longer existed? All of those connections, gone. Your friend lists, gone. All of your messages, gone. Photos, gone. You get the point. It’s a terrifying feeling isn’t it? […]

Why You Need Email Marketing in Your Business

I’m a list girl and choosing my email service provider took priority on one of those lists. I have to-do lists and checklists for everything! I remember when I was first starting out with my business, it seemed like my lists were never-ending. Motivated and overwhelmed were common adjectives of mine. Does this sound familiar? […]

How to choose your email service provider


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